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Bright Consultants – Automation Division, has emerged as a leading technology driven organization providing end-to-end solution in Home Automation segment. We provide the-art technology that adds value to customers through a combination of multiple high end technologies for a complete solution in Home Automation segment. Our extensive range of cutting edge technology products are complimented by our deep industry knowledge & functional expertise that has created a niche for us in industry.

Our passion lies in transforming houses into intelligent, responsive homes that make life more comfortable, convenient, and secure. With cutting-edge technology and a commitment to innovation, we design and implement customized smart solutions that cater to your unique needs. From lighting and climate control to security and entertainment, our expertise in home automation creates seamless and integrated experiences. We believe in the power of connectivity and the endless possibilities it offers to enhance your lifestyle. Whether you're looking to simplify your daily routines or elevate your home's energy efficiency, our team of experts is here to turn your vision of a smart home into reality. Welcome to a world where your home listens, adapts, and responds to your every need. Welcome to the future of living.

Home Automation Controllers and Devices in Stock:

KNX System Devices : KNX Bus Power Supplies ( 160mA, 320mA, 640mA 640mA, 960mA, 1280mA ), Intelligent KNX Power supplies, Inbuilt Double power supplies  KNX Line Coupler, KNX IP Interface , KNX  IP Router, KNX  USB Interface, KNX  Logic Module, KNX  Safety Module, KNX Time Switch,  KNX  WAGO Bus Connector

KNX Actuators: KNX Switch Actuators, KNX Dimming Actuators, KNX Shutter Actuators, KNX Heating Actuators, KNX Universal Actuators,  KNX Dimming Actuators, KNX LED Controller , KNX DALI Controllers 

KNX Front End Interfaces:  Push Button Switches with/ without LED – 1/2/4/ 6/ 8 fold,  Touch Switches with/ without LED -  2/4/ 6/ 8 fold, Switches with gester control,  Switches with multi functional touch & buttons   Touch Panels::( 4.3”, 7’, 10.1” )

KNX Controller and Sensors:  KNX Room Temperature Controller, KNX Temperature Controller, KNX Object Controller, KNX Room Temperature/Humidity Sensor  CO2 / VOC Combi Sensor , KNX Binary Inputs BE, KNX Universal Interface BE, KNX Weather Sensors, KNX Rain Sensor.

KNX Energy Meter : KNX Energy Meter EZ with transformer measurement, KNX Energy Meter EZ with direct measurement

KNX Presence and Motion Detectors : KNX Motion Detector/Automatic Switch , KNX Glass Presence Detector, KNX Presence Detector, KNX Motion Detector/Automatic Switch, KNX Mini Presence Detector 360°, KNX Brightness Sensor/-Controller

Strong Network and Pressence - We have strong team of Dealers across all major Cities Across India. Having own Offices is New Delhi , Noida, Kolkata and Punjab

Our Edge

We are well known for our commitment to customer success. Here is some of our key. Home and Commercial Automation is a modern technology that simplifies work around a house or an office. It is like having a remote control for your home facilities. Home and Commercial automation involves using certain devices and applications that are within your reach

We specialize in Automation of Homes, Corporate Offices, Institutional Establishments like Hotels/ Hospitals/ Schools/ Airports and Industrial Projects. Have been providing Turnkey solutions to many satisfied clients.

Our Soutions Increased Energy Savings, Good for the Environment, Mood-light Conrols, Climate Control, Entertainment, Multi-Room Music, Provide Better Care to Family, Improved Productivity and Reduces Manpower Cost,Increases Safety, etc


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Harpreet Singh

Chief Operating Officer

Jaspreet Singh

Head - Operations

Salim Anwar

Head - Operations (Kolkata)

Dalwinder Singh

Head - Operations (Punjab)


Our Automation solutions, that can manage themselves, reduce energy and maintenance costs, offer many advantages in office and public integrations. Lighting according to the environment; our automation solution detects the ambient light value and determines the light value of the lamps.

Slow and steady light and temperature changes are made in the building by tracking the sun, wind and other environments outside the building with sensors

A Reliable System creating the most favorable work environment

Automation systems play an important role in controlling the consumption of building management centers, facility management offices.

Energy saving, Self-managing system, Secure, Integration

An important feature of future buildings consists of communicating with other systems in the building on the common platform and monitoring from the center where the controls are made.

Our solutions that can self-manage and reduce energy and maintenance costs offer many advantages in office and public integrations.


Ease of Living Time-Saving Proper Network Lighting & Multimedia Control.



Life style Up to date with Latest Technology Home Automation Guidance & Implementation.



Reliability Safety & Security Future Provisions Better Health Data Management & Protection.



Entertainment Enhancing Interior Energy Saving Fulfillment Saving Money


GRMS and Smart Hotel Solutions

GRMS can be interfaced with hotel software or Hotel PMS, so that the preferred air conditioning, lighting, ambiance settings are automatically adjusted as soon as the guest check-in is shown.

The main purpose of using GRMS is to consistently meet the needs and expectations of guests in their rooms.

Mobile check-in / check-out. It allows guests to use their smartphones for check-in or check-out in their spare time without having to wait in line at the reception, summarizing key statistics on this rising trend and the implications mobile check-in / check-out can have.

  • BMS Integration
  • GRMS Integration
  • Mood Lighting
  • Access Control
  • CCTV Control
  • Mobile Control
  • Facade Light Control
  • Pool Light Control
  • Garden Light Control

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